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Since 1981, the Henin Group has advised European and American investors on the best way to:


-Purchase property

-Relocate their residence

-Relocate their business

-Make an astute investment in Florida


Today, investors interested in property development in Florida will find with Henin International Services the expertise and resources necessary for all their investment needs. Through the years, Henin International Services and the Henin Group have developed a wealth of services, from financial and legal aid, to property development.

Henin International Services has extensive knowledge and invaluable experience to individual a cooperation seeking to perform invest in the U.S and in Europe. Henin International Services is owned and operated by Europeans which means our clients benefit from the unique, multi-cultural understanding we have developed through our years of experience – both personally and professionally.


Fiscal Assistance


Henin International Services can help you with the procedures necessary for establishing financing as well as setting up mortgages, securing funding, or purchasing property. Whether it is for business or personal matter, we can assist you in choosing the bank that best meets your requirements, and help you set up checking, savings or investment accounts.


Tax Issues


Supported by an extensive network of international and domestic (U.S) tax professionals, we provide our clients with the expertise necessary to deal with everything from city, state, federal and international taxes to estate planning, foreign trade, investment and exchange.




Henin International Services works closely with several skilled attorneys covering all the legal aspects of:

-Estate planning

-Immigration and visas

-Real estate permits

-Business incorporation

-Litigation when necessary

Real Estate Acquisition: Commercial and Residential


Our philosophy is to represent you, our client. Because we function as your agent, we represent your best interests.


Our affiliated real estate company Henin Realty is a member of the National Association of Realtors® and belongs to the Multiple Listing Service® which provides real estate agents and their clients with information on all residential and commercial properties for sale.

Property Management and Investments


With over 25 years of experience in real estate development in Europe and Florida, we will help you with:


-Finding investment properties

-Acting as project managers

-Obtaining licenses & permits

-Marketing your property


Henin International Services is more than an organization specializing in research, identification, sale and purchase of properties. Indeed, we provide all management functions for both residential and commercial real estate investment properties.

Personal Representation and Confidential Service


All services extended by Henin International Services are strictly confidential. Our clients rely on us for the personalized assistance they have come to expect over time.


As your agents, we are your eyes and ears here in the U.S. In your absence, we will manage all your day-to-day affairs:


-Coordinate matters with your bank and your insurance companies

-Deal with accounting or legal issues

-Negotiate business on your behalf based on your Power of Attorney


We provide a competitive edge for clients who want to create a company or establish a business. Henin International Services’ executives can play a pivotal role in defining your investment projects, and if required, can implement a variety of different, albeit inter-related services:


-Strategic marketing plans

-Generate business relationships with: -Potential Customers

-Prospective Partners

-Professional Associations

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