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Henin’s goal is to offer a European-inspired product designed for the American way of life. This is evident in Henin Homes’ custom homes as well as its production homes. 

Through his world travels, Henin is always searching for new design ideas and construction solutions.

“My aim is to have the best product, but always affordable.” This philosophy provides homebuyers with the most innovative designs and the best value possible.


Luxury redefined. As a homebuyer, you deserve a home which reflects your lifestyle. Henin Homes understands that every homebuyer is unique both in their personal styles and individual needs. We believe that custom features should not come with a custom price tag. Even in our production line, tile roofs, brick pavers and architectural niches are standard items. Henin Homes also offers homebuyers several option packages in addition to standard luxury features such as granite countertops and crown molding.


Diverse inspiration, in-house expertise. Henin Homes’ plans and elevations are the result of a constant evolution of modern styles and trends married with old-world tradition and reliable architectural principles. Henin Homes team’s diverse background allows for inspirations from all around the world; however, each home is produced in-house, from the architectural design and engineering to permitting and construction. This enables Henin Homes to respond to each homebuyer’s specific needs in a timely manner and also allows the homebuyer to be involved throughout the homebuilding process, from conception to completion.


Peace of mind. Every step of the construction process preserves the European tradition of building homes to last for generations. This is evident in the superior building materials used and most innovative building solutions applied. In conjunction with this uncompromising approach, Henin Homes offers an unsurpassed Warranty Program to its Homeowners.


Worldwide network. The construction process changes constantly every year, and in every part of the world. As part of a multi-national group of building professionals, Henin Homes is always knowledgeable about the latest developments in construction, resulting in better design, quality and costs. This provides homebuyers with the most innovative designs and the best value possible.

Custom Homes 

Henin Homes CRC 1330607 Licence

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