As a licensed Real estate agent, I started my career in 2013 while studying International Business at Rollins College. I went on to earn an MBA at Crummer Graduate School of Business. During these years I interned at many businesses ranging from land development, immigration law, and home improvement sales to gain experience in a wide variety of fields and to meet different people. Those years were very formative and ultimately led me to Stetson University College of Law to earn a JD and pass the Florida Bar Exam in 2020.

At Stetson I learned topics including legal negotiations, contracts, and drafting that supplemented the skills I learned at Crummer. While at Stetson I spent over 120 hours doing Pro Bono work at Gulfcoast Legal Services drafting and aiding the attorneys there with landlord – tenant issues.

Law School was a wonderful experience, it profoundly changed my perspective and provided me with skills that I will use for the rest of my life.

Today I am working at The Henin Group and The Henin Law Firm.

Christopher Henin

Vice President of Henin Group